October 30, 2016

Datto backup and disaster recovery

Datto backup and rapid recovery

Despite thorough planning and the best efforts to protect and maintain the IT infrastructure disasters do occur, including random, unpreventable hardware failures. However, several things can be done to ensure that an organization can return to its normal business processes quickly with little to no downtime and no data loss.  There is a myriad of backup solutions available today allowing to protect critical data. Question is: how long will it take you to recover from a major disaster and get back up on-line and functional?

Image-based Backup

Let’s talk Imaging technology. It’s about taking periodic snapshots of a computer to allow you to restore to specific points in time in case of a catastrophic event rendering the computer unusable. Images do not necessarily replace data backups, but eliminate a significant portion of the time required to rebuild a computer system when a disaster strikes. This means hardly any downtime to you!

Kontech is an approved Datto Partner and we provide complete support for the entire product range 24×7. Datto offers gold standard backup solutions with multiple levels of failover to ensure that your business will never lose data or suffers lengthy down times.

Datto Siris Kontech IT ServicesWhat makes Datto better than other DBR solutions out there?

The industry-leading Datto backup,  disaster recovery and business continuity solutions allow your IT department, operations, owners and C-suite to sleep easier at night because of its core feature sets:

  • Ability to run a virtual machine of the backup off of the Datto device or from the cloud within minutes of a total server failure so your personnel continues to work normally
  • Bare metal restore (BMR) of the entire system even with different hardware with automatic driver installation
  • Ability access Datto protected data and systems from remote locations by staff in the event of total disaster rendering business site offline or otherwise inaccessible
  • industry-first block-level backup agent for Mac OS X devices that provides the speed and efficiency of true block-level backup, but with the flexibility to do file-level restores, BMRs, clones, and much more.

Multiple Layers of Redundancy and Security

  • Local Backup
  • Cloud ReplicationDatto NAS
  • Local and Remote Virtual Machines for Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Screenshot Verification – a custom script execution in addition to screenshot verification to validate backup and viability
  • Ransomware Detection Integration – ransomware and other malware detection via an automated analysis of the backup image
  • Backupify – a backup solution for Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce to solution keep your cloud data safe from all forms of harm resulting in data loss

Freedom from Media and Security Woes

  • No dependence on personnel activities such as media rotation
  • Unprecedented 5-Year hardware warranty with full replacement if damaged or stolen in a disaster
  • Data encryption for HIPAA, SOX and PCI requirements

Let us demo Datto solutions for you for free

Contact us today and we’d be thrilled to set up a demo for you either remotely or on site. Once you see the Datto system you will never want to go back to maintaining convoluted backup systems.

Important note to the Philadelphia based businesses and those located in the Mid-Atlantic region: Datto’s data centers located on the East coast: the primary one in  Reading Pennsylvania and the other in Salt Lake City. This geographical proximity is very important to our customers when it comes to running recovery and not worrying about latency and other factors causing network connectivity delays and impeding the timely data restore processes.