February 6, 2016

Wireless Networking Solutions

Full Service Wireless Network Design, Installation and Maintenance

Kontech features industry-leading wireless connectivity and turnkey Wi-Fi solutions from Meraki, Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti Networks and more. Whether it’s a Philadelphia based retail or small office network, warehouse, building to building campus environments or enterprise-class deployment, we have the wherewithal and expertise to get it done right the first time.

Wireless Networking Advantages

  • Increase productivity – wireless users are free to move around the office with their laptops, tablets and smart phones while maintaining solid network connectivity, and securely share files and other resources with other connected devices.
  • Device agnosticism – today’s wireless technology allows to consumers to bring any WI-FI capable devices provide access to organization’s network resources without worrying about incompatibilities of various BYOD scenarios.
  • Improved customer’s experience – a modern wireless network enables you to provide a secure network connection to clients, guests and associates visiting your facilities, thereby allowing you to add value to your offering at no additional costs.
  • Scalability – provide connectivity between buildings over long distances utilizing high-speed wireless backhaul technology or wireless bridges, allowing corporate or educational campus to share a single internet connection.  Cover widespread areas of your facility on demand via wireless mesh networking.
  • Reduced cost of ownership – WI-FI networking requires far fewer network cable runs than a wired network and wireless LANs easily support the addition of new users and devices, usually without the need for additional expensive equipment.

Have WI-FI Already?

If you already have an established company network we can help quickly and easily expand it with wireless technologies to accommodate new needs or even temporary needs. In addition to  the flexibility and inter-office mobility benefits, the cost of creating a reliable wireless LAN is within the reach of an average SMB anymore.

If you are experiencing problems with your current network, we can help you troubleshoot it, determine the optimal design and implementation plan for your unique business needs, such as:

  • Outdoor broadband wireless
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Wireless and Wi-Fi for multimedia (IP Surveillance, teleconferencing equipment, paging systems, etc.)
  • Fixed wireless backhaul: point to point and point to multi-point wireless bridge solutions