April 1, 2017

IT Support Services in Glen Mills PA

Are you a business owner in Glen Mills, PA coping with IT headaches?

Are you frustrated with your IT support service provider or looking to partner up with a reliable and local IT team? We can help!


Let us address your pain points and outsource your Information Technology aspects to us.


Managed IT Services

Proactively manage and maintain your computer systems and infrastructure

Cloud Solutions

Access your data from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Disaster recovery and backup services

Backup all your systems and data so that no matter what happens, you’ll always have a plan-B

Phone VoIP services

Lower communication cost with our quality and cost-effective VoIP service

Video Surveillance and Security cameras for Glen Mills businesses

Protect your IT system with our top-notch security technology

Network Administration

We provide the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully maintain, navigate and troubleshoot complex networks

Server Administration, Computer Support 24/7

No matter where your data lives, we monitor and proactively maintain your servers to ensure they are always up and protected from threats

Internet Security

Bullet-proof your network from viruses, malwares, and ever evolving cyber security threats. Recover from malware and ransomware infections rapidly

Wireless (WI-FI)

Don’t let your wireless network drag your  productivity down. We design and optimize wireless systems so that you can always stay connected

Restaurant Technology Services

If you’re a restaurant owner or a manager in Glen Mills area we can help with IT Support aspects the your restaurant business timely, efficiently and 24/7

Take control over your IT and concentrate on what’s important to your business

All IT services we offer are customized and tailored to meet your organization’s size and unique needs.

  • Combination of onsite & remote support, Help Desk and Cloud-based services
  • 24×7 server down/network monitoring support with 4 hours onsite and 1 hour guaranteed emergency response
  • Skilled, certified network consultants and account management team assigned to your account
  • Detailed network and recommendations documentation
  • Dedicated professionals with strong hands-on skills and experience with current business technologies
  • Affordable support plans, predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing (Contact us for details)
  • Unlimited Help Desk support, no racking up of billable hours
  • Ticketing System
  • Online/Offsite Data Backup
  • No long term contracts or commitments required

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