CrashPlan update crashes (again)

It appears that the developers at Code42 may have released another iteration if buggy update in August. All versions of CrashPlan, including CrashPlan Home, CP for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) are affected by it. Not only the update keeps failing but it also stops CrashPlan service that leaves you without backup. What support folks Read more about CrashPlan update crashes (again)[…]

Another Medical Facility Bites the Ransomware Dust

Data of Michigan Medical Facilities Corrupted by Ransomware Attack According to the three medical facilities (Community Hospital, Medical Clinic and Quick Care), owned Caro Community Hospital were infected with ransomware on 07.05.2017.  The said ransomware attack is believed to have hit the Caro Community Hospital’s database and consequently lead to corruption of medical facility’s Read more about Another Medical Facility Bites the Ransomware Dust[…]