September 24, 2017

Data Security Services

We’re dead serious about data security

Having access to data is your right. Protecting it is our job.


There is no longer a question of whether an organization of business will get hit with disaster or attack. It’s only a matter of when.

Yes, We have seen it way too many times. And, that’s exactly why we take preventative measures to secure every facet of your IT environment so you’re systems are always up, always on, always protected.

Every business is vulnerable

Cyber AttacksHardware FailuresHuman ErrorsNatural Disasters
Small and mid-size businesses are the prevalent target of cyber attacks today, since they tend to be less protected than their bigger counterparts. Having business continuity plan ensures you have control of your data and don't become a victim of ransomware hit.Hardware failures still account for the majority of data loss. Spinning hard drives, memory, CPUs and cooling fans break and fail. Business continuity is an insurance policy that protects your business against the said shortcomings.Despite modern security measures implemented, human error accounts for one third of data loss. Anything from rouge data deletions of to unintentional and administrative errors as well as misplaced or damaged IT equipment. Proper business continuity plan ensures data is always accessible.Current weather patterns have changed, making natural disasters more frequent and intensified. Business continuity planning is a must in protecting your business against detrimental downtime resulting in costly loses.


At Kontech, data protection and business continuity solutions enable your business to operate virtually uninterrupted in the face of any natural, technical or human disaster –  giving you justifiable peace of mind.

We can prove, our solutions work! For one, our clients are not shy about sharing their stories about IT disasters and crises they faced we helped them recover from. We can also, set up a real life disaster demo in which we physically destroy a computer system and recover it, in less than 15min. Seeing is believing.

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