January 24, 2016

Spam Filtering Service

Did you know that each day, about 75%+ of all email flow across the Internet is spam?

While some of it is intended to trick computer users into installing a virus onto their commuter, other will make you fork over personal information that to be then used for various illegal or criminal activities. Another bread of junk mail are advertisements for companies that sell tangible goods, typically “over the counter” prescription drugs, knock-off watches, or pirated software.

No matter the intent, spam in a great nuisance at the very least, everyone is exposed to it, and everyone loathes it. But more than just an annoyance, spam poses an immediate threat  to your critical systems and personal information. When an unwary user opens a seemingly innocent looking email, containing  a mass mailed worm, ransomware or trojan horse attachment, it crashes one computer is inconvenient enough, but taking down an entire network is simply unacceptable. Sure, a good anti-virus program will help prevent trouble, but wouldn’t it be great if those spam messages were intercepted before they even arrived in your mailbox?

Kontech’s Spam Firewall is a system dedicated to running programs that filter out spam and viruses from your email before they enter your network, hence reducing the load on your network, systems, and servers. All  inbound and outbound email passes through this filter. A variety of methods are used to inspect each and every email message. First, the email is compared to against ” the blacklists” of known spammers.  Then, the system utilizes Bayesian statistical analysis of every recipient’s email to differentiate good email from bad.  What all this means to you is more productivity. Because you no longer have to sift through a constant  flood of unnecessary messages in your inbox before starting a new day.

Contact us today to learn more about our Spam Filtering Service and how we can make your email experience stress and worry free. Our service is affordable and highly effective.