January 24, 2016

Data Recovery Services

Kontech offers reliable and cost effective data recovery services

Ever lost your precious files such as family pictures or those unforgettable vacation images or those meticulously collected music files? Has your computer system hardware failure, accidental delete or drive format caused you a loss of important information?

Do not panic or try not to. Kontech will do everything to make sure your priceless data is recovered and safely saved. We have tools at our disposal and years of experience that help in recovering your electronic data that you might think was lost forever.

If we ever cannot recover your data files, as the extent and severity of hardware damage is beyond our capabilities, we will tell you so. And we will always refer you to one of our partners that specialize in recovering hard drives that sustained physical damage such as: severe head crashes, surge water damage, fire or impact trauma, for which a cleanroom environment is required. In most cases of a logical hard drive crash we will be able to help.

We always emphasize to all of our customers the importance of critical data backup and computer preventive maintenance that will save you a few headaches in the long run. No matter what kind of computing you do always have a good backup of your files!

We understand that the loss of priceless information can happen to anyone no matter circumstances and we know how critical the importance of timely recovery can be to our clients. Therefore we always make every effort to have your data recovered in a timely manner so you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you require a clean room environment recovery please contact us today for a free data recovery quote.