January 26, 2016

Server, Desktop Management

Minimize hardware and software failures with proactive management approach

Kontech’s proactive server and desktop support enables computer systems to maximize and maintain their up-times. We accomplish it by 24/7 monitoring and scheduled maintenance and systems performance optimization activities with minimal impact on your business operations.

We recognize it is critical to update applications, apply security patches and new malware definitions as soon as possible to protect your organization’s IT systems. In order to provide your company with first class support, we carry out the majority of server and desktop support activities remotely, when it is convenient for you.

Our goal is to detect and address potential IT issues early, before they become costly and detrimental problems to your organization.

With remote monitoring capabilities we proactively monitor your servers to identify potential issues before they become problems. In the event that we identify a potential issue, we eradicate it remotely or schedule onsite maintenance window as necessary.

As part of our Server and Desktop Management solution we offer image-based backup and recovery. We utilize network attached storage (NAS) devices on your network and them to store images of critical servers and computer systems for expedient recovery, with a minimal interruption to your business operations.