Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Rewards of Outsourcing Information Technology Let’s see what kind of immediate benefits one can reap when outsourcing IT operations, and whether they outweigh the risks. Cost savings. As listed under main reasons for outsourcing, cutting operating cost seems to be a direct benefit. Measurable financial benefits such as leaner overhead, bulk purchasing of hardware and Read more about Benefits of Outsourcing IT[…]

How to improve security stance immediately and for free

Here’s what you can do today to better your security posture FREE   1. Protect your data all the time With the record number of ransomware hits this year and companies closing their doors because of catastrophic data loss impact, one should be backing up critical data regularly. It might sound like tautology and it Read more about How to improve security stance immediately and for free[…]

CrashPlan update crashes (again)

It appears that the developers at Code42 may have released another iteration of buggy update in August. All versions of CrashPlan, including CrashPlan Home, CP for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) are affected by it. Not only the update keeps failing but it also stops CrashPlan service and ultimately leaves you without functional backup. What Read more about CrashPlan update crashes (again)[…]