How to not let system downtime stop you restaurant business

Don’t let system downtime disrupt your restaurant operations

Often times, especially in the busy restaurant industry, IT support is the last thing food service owners think about. The number one priority for restaurant managers is to provide the best customer service, hospitality and best food possible to their clients. But what these small business owners aren’t considering is what a huge role technology plays in the daily functions of their business.

Serving customers during the lunch and dinner rush hour proves to be difficult if staff can’t access POS system or use the terminals and they have to take cash as patrons leave. And when scheduling employees’ shifts, technical problems arise and you don’t have an IT support staff to address them, it can be very taxing on the restaurant managers. The list goes on.

Investing in an IT support company, with experience servicing restaurants can boost your customer service by preventing cash register errors, POS kiosks crashes and speed up the scheduling process and other day to day administrative functions. You want seasoned IT personnel experienced in fixing computer problems and monitoring your computer network 24/7 to keep those IT fires at bay.

It is critical for the IT support vendor to understand that when the restaurant is running at full speed and doesn’t have time to wait around for solutions to computer problems impeding the operations.

For emergency support response times, don’t settle anything over one hour in SLA.  The goal is one hour or less, meaning the technicians are to respond immediately to your urgent issues so you aren’t waiting around for hours for a tech to call back or show up. Pick a local IT company, ideally from Philadelphia area, what can dispatch staff to your location timely.

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