Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Rewards of Outsourcing Information Technology

Let’s see what kind of immediate benefits one can reap when outsourcing IT operations, and whether they outweigh the risks.

Cost savings. As listed under main reasons for outsourcing, cutting operating cost seems to be a direct benefit. Measurable financial benefits such as leaner overhead, bulk purchasing of hardware and software, economies of scale, improved regulatory compliance and more can be named here.

Availability and Flexibility. Technology doesn’t sleep or take vacation. One of the major benefits outsourcing IT yields, for small and mid-size organizations, is availability of IT staff. When the If IT department takes a vacation, or “gets hit by a bus”, an organization loses out on their capacity until they return. Take advantage of abundant and redundant tech force provided by IT support vendor,  at your disposal 24/7/365.

Burnout Factor Reduction. Using an outsourced IT company alleviates the burden from the employees who have taken on more than what their job description states because ” if had to be done.” Let your employees do what they do best and let them excel at it.

Quality of IT personnel. When contracting out IT services to a reputable firm, one can rely on and benefit from their core competencies and have access to trained, certified and experienced technical talent.

Staying Current with Technology. In the realm of IT, you face risks of falling behind the curve as technology constantly evolves and becomes rapidly obsolete. Outsourcing provides the benefits of having a team of IT pros to turn to for advice or help with strategic planning and get that return of IT investment.

Focus on Core Competencies. Businesses have scarce resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help organizations stay focused on their core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Security and Compliance.  Depending on the industry, businesses have to demonstrate regulatory compliance and adherence to applicable security regulations. This calls for due diligence. By outsourcing a qualified Manages Services vendor, familiar with compliance standards, I.E. PCI or HIPAA you can minimize the risks associated with maintaining client data, protected health information (PHI), financial info, sensitive intellectual property and more.

Outsourcing your IT is typically less expensive than maintaining the internal IT department, but not always. It requires to identify business-specific goals to see how they align with the long-term IT strategy. For many small businesses, outsourcing IT department functionality can be the answer to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s crowded and fast-paced marketplace.

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